Free Smoke Detectors
By President Fran Galu
June 26, 2017

The Highland Falls Fire Department has teamed up with the American Red Cross to once again provide FREE in home smoke alarms to our community. The Highland Falls FD received a grant last year to provide smoke alarms throughout the community, that grant allowed them to install over 600 smoke alarms with 10 year batteries. All of this was done with no cost to the home owner!

Once the HFFD installed all of their smoke alarms they began looking for other ways to continue providing this valuable service. That is how the Red Cross joint venture came to be. The Red Cross has the smoke alarms with 10 year batteries but doesn’t have the staff to get them installed; the HFFD has the staff but not the alarms – together they will continue to protect and service our community.

The HFFD will start accepting requests from Village of Highland Falls home owners to have the smoke alarms installed beginning 30 June. To sign up you can visit or call 845-446-2040 ext 2

The information that is needed will be your name, contact phone number, address and # of bedrooms in your home. You will receive a call back to schedule an appointment. Remember the HFFD members will install the alarms in the correct locations, you will not be required to install them. You will also be provided with safety information and brochures during the installation.

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